Bereavement… running with my grief

Death comes to us all

My mother passed away at the end of May, just a few short weeks ago. She had been trapped in the strange world of Alzheimer’s disease for a number of years, slowing disappearing, little by little. We were so lucky that she didn’t lose her sweet character, her love of laughter or sharing a story and occasionally we saw the twinkle return to her eye when she recognised one of us. Although she had a foot in two worlds for years, her loss is still huge. Continue reading “Bereavement… running with my grief”

Darkness into Light 2015

What are you planning for the weekend? I may be stretching my limits however…

I’m Hoping to Run My First 5k

I’m going to run my first ever 5k on Sat May 9th. I’ve been running for a few months now however I’m not very fast, nor can I run very far.

I guess you could say that I’m a running newbie. I’m probably not ready for a 5k yet however I’ve gone ahead and registered for my first one anyway. There is no pressure on me to run all the way, I could even walk as this is really a fun run/walk. Did I mention that the start time is 4.15am?

I’ve decided to run in this 5k because of what it stands for. Continue reading “Darkness into Light 2015”