Isolation and remoteness – I thought that they were fairly straightforward concepts until we moved to the hill. There was the occasion when we gave very clear directions to our place and my friend rang and said – “I thought I was following the directions correctly but I came to a track that nobody would… Read More

I am new to blogging and when I searched for blogs pertaining to renewable energy and sustainable living I found about one quarter of a million! So why add to this list? I really don’t have any particularly good reason. I guess it’s one way for me to communicate that doesn’t involve travel, perhaps I… Read More

The excerpt below is taken from the website of the relocalization organisation, I have neither added nor changed it… It is beautiful and so very clear… Community Works A Hopi Elder Speaks “You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that… Read More

Where we live is considered by some city dwellers to be isolated and remote but it doesn’t feel this way to us and our nearest town is within easy reach by car, about twenty minutes if we don’t stop for a chat with neighbours met on the road. If we were riding horses, or relying… Read More