Springtime is yellow time

Unfortunately the photos from this old post have been lost
We have had a wonderful week of sunshine and the wildness around us is bursting into life again. Everywhere I look there are beautiful yellow flowers and seeds.

Yellow flowerhead




Open Willow Seed Head
Open Willow Seed Head
Closed Willow Seed Head
Closed Willow Seed Head


Yellow Daffodill and Narcissus
A Host of Golden Daffodils

There are a few amazingly large bumble bees flying around our heads from time to time, however I have not yet been able to get a good photo so apologies for the bad quality of the shot below.


Irish Bumble Bee
Irish Bumble Bee

Apparently there used to be 18 species of bumble bee in Ireland at one time, sadly there are not many to be seen these days. When I do get a good photo I will hopefully be able to identify which species of bumble bee it is.

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  1. Lovely, Scrib. Just lovely. When I was little it was a game to catch bumblebees in a jar (to show that you were brave). We would let them go, poor things, but it couldn’t have been good for them. There were skillions of them then.

  2. Beautiful photographs! Daffodils are one of the things that makes me homesick for Wales, especially in March when they would have been out at home. Here in Prince Edward Island they are just popping up through the soil (the snow is still here, only melting gradually). Enjoy your lovely spring weather!

  3. Lovely was the first word that came to my mind also! It’s a bit dry (understatement) over here in Texas right now. But that could change quickly, too.

    1. Thanks Lindy, yes I was busy and creative for while there with the web design which, it turns out, is great fun!
      I’m glad you enjoy my photographs, I’m enjoying yours too as they give me a real sense of the land you and your husband have just moved to live on – I will be following your journey with interest although I have to say I do hope we finish our house first 😉 Nothing personal you understand…. I am so excited at the prospect of moving out of the mobile-home.

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