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Compost Tetris

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly doing the almost yearly job of moving compost from one bin to the next. Our compost gets turned twice before it is considered ready for use. We have five compost bins and of course there is a system for how we utilise them. We use a…


Monsanto in court in the US

Supreme Court Alfalfa Hearings – THE CROP HEARD AROUND THE WORLD! The following is taken from the Sustainable Culture Group on Facebook – Monsanto challenges alfalfa ban in Supreme Court The genetically engineered alfalfa case will be heard on April 27. This is the first genetically engineered crop case ever heard by the Supreme Court….


Monstrous Monsanto

I only found out this evening that Monsanto has bought up a huge seed company, Seminis, Inc., a leading Vegetable and Fruit Seed Company, making Monsanto the owners of the seed suppliers for 40% of American vegetable seed customers and 20% of the global customer base. That’s pretty scary news and I only found out…


The Accidental Gardener

2008/08/30 This post became lost in cyberspace and today was found – it should have been posted back in August 2008 and probably was stored in drafts because of a dodgy modem connection – now it can be put in it’s rightful place – no longer a lowly draft…….. I accidentally did some gardening today, I had…