Open Letter to the Irish Govt from Environmental and Conservation Groups in the USA

August 13, 2018
Subject: Ireland’s peat power stations must be shut down, not gradually converted to biomass

As conservation and environmental justice organizations in the United States, we are deeply concerned about plans by Irish companies, ESB and Bord na Móna, to co-fire increasing amounts of wood pellets in the three remaining peat power stations and to convert them to burn 100% biomass by 2030 (1). Wood pellets from forests and pine plantations in the Southern US are the most likely biomass source for any industrial-scale co-firing and future power station conversions in Ireland. Continue reading “Open Letter to the Irish Govt from Environmental and Conservation Groups in the USA”

What is Green Hosting?

I look at websites every day, I use Bloglovin to see what new, great, paleo, gluten free or keto recipes are out there so that I can share them on my facebook page or Pinterest. I use Instagram most days, posting my own photos or enjoying the pics of my insta-buddies and use Twitter most days too.

I also love to read the interesting things that people write about technology, travel, the environment, lifestyle, global human stories and experiences. I’m not at all interested in celebrities, gossip or negative scaremongering, thankfully I can chose what to read, there are so many different apps, websites and blogs that it’s easy to choose my reading material.

Despite the differences between websites and their content there is one thing which every website has in common, can you guess what that is? Continue reading “What is Green Hosting?”

Easter 2016

The year is slowly moving through the seasons, it’s nearly Easter and time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising 1916. What are you planning on doing? I’m sure there will be events all around the country allowing everyone to get involved no matter where we live.

We’ve had some wonderful weather Continue reading “Easter 2016”

Christmas is not easy for everyone

Christmas can be a tough time of year for some people. Not everyone has happy Christmas memories and it is a time of year when there may be an enforced jollity which can be very uncomfortable. For others it can be a time when traumatic memories rise up, even if the trauma is not related to Christmas.

For many people it can be as simple as the change of routine Continue reading “Christmas is not easy for everyone”