I love this story which I found on TreeHugger, a site that I check out every now and again, I like the fact that you get good news stories there, there are enough of the other kind (like my last post for instance!). This story is about a young fella in the USA who got… Read More

Blian Núa Shona Dhuit – Happy New Year to you and those you love. My global wish (hey, why not be ambitious?) is that we all learn to prioritise the truly important things in life and concentrate less on the superficial and commercial. I had a lovely break over the Christmas, didn’t even check my… Read More

Snow in Leitrim, late Feb 2016

I would let you know about my “simple” journey home last night. All was going well and I was nearly home, I had seen no ice or frost on the roads although when I was about an hour and half from home I had noticed that it was already starting to freeze so I was… Read More

I recently had the opportunity to sit in a group and work through some unresolved tension between some of the group members. The method used for relieving the tension was so simple – good communication. Everyone spoke in turn, without interruption. People took their time, there was no rush, there was time to think about… Read More