Do you often find yourself reading web-pages that have lots of ads, tabs, login buttons, animations etc? I find that some web-pages are distracting and that it takes longer to read the story that brought me there or that it is harder to focus on the story and ignore the background images. This situation can sometimes lead me to… Read More

I am really excited about having moved my blog to a new server courtesy of a local business – my own company, in fact – Osprey Hosting. My blog posts have always been written using renewable energy  because that’s the energy I have – we use a home made wind turbine and a photovoltaic array… Read More

I am thinking about changing my blog template. Actually I have been contemplating this for awhile and kept putting it off for the simple reason that I really like this template. I like the photo in the heading, the page-style layout and the overall colour and texture. The final decision was made last night as… Read More

I was browsing through my blog-reader today and enjoyed this post by Rachel. In fact it got me writing about something I had forgotten to mention – our latest central heating advancement. No, we have not gone mad and had oil fired central heating installed but we have improved the heating which we get from… Read More