I have been wandering here and there for awhile this summer, it’s fun to be footloose and fancy free – so to speak. The weather has not been the best, however, this is Ireland and we have grown up with these weather patterns and have learnt from our mothers knee to just go out there… Read More

Help is a wonderful thing, especially help from friends. Asking for help is easier for some people than others and does not always come naturally. I had to learn how to ask for help, it was a hard lesson and one that I am glad I learnt. It has certainly made my life easier to… Read More

As I write I can hear rain drops pitter patter-ing on the roof light, it’s a lovely sound at night when you are warm and cozy and do not need to go outside. We did get some really nice weather week before last and made good use of it too! A couple of friends from… Read More

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Whatever that means to you…. Maybe green rivers in Chicago, trade deals in New York, for some binge drinking in Ireland and for others putting face paint on the excited kids of the local children’s playschool class. It is a very odd mix of activities isn’t it? I loved St Patricks… Read More