Welcome to Geeky Wednesday. Today I am going to talk about adding plugins to a wordpress blog. Naturally this topic is only relevant to those who blog using WordPress, I am not familiar with the inner workings of Blogger so I don’t know how to do anything similar in blogger. Plugins add verstility to your… Read More

It seems logical to me that the first Geeky Wednesday post is about the method that I use to connect to the internet. As you know if you are a regular visitor here, I live off-the-grid, which in general terms means that my household is not connected to the electricity grid, using instead alternative energy… Read More

I have decided to take some of the great advice in Rachel Meeks new e-book, Simple Blogging: Less computer time, better blogging. ¬†One of the ideas that appealed to me is to set a schedule for blogging. This idea has benefits for me and for people who like to read the blog. It gives me… Read More