Raining Frogs?

We have had a few beautiful days of sun, light winds and starry clear nights. This week in August every year there are amazing night skies with shooting stars (Perseids) in the northern sky. Check out the Astronomy Ireland website for more details.

If you are blessed with clear skies then you owe it to yourself to go out at night, bring a rug, wear a warm hat and settle into your favourite deck chair to watch the show. If you have binoculars they may add to the fun however I often find it less frustrating to just gaze upwards and let the magic unfold.

I don’t think that I will get to see any stars tonight as we had a day of rain, all day…

I decided to make use of the rain to wash the outdoor bathtub so I put the plug in this morning to allow it to fill. After a few hours I went out to check on progress. Imagine my surprise to find two fine frogs swimming about in the tub…

A pair of happy frogs

Here is a close up of one of the swimmers, handsome fella isn’t he?

An Irish frog enjoying the rain

Summer Green

We have had a much better summer than in the last few years. There has been lost of sun and a generous amount of rain so the growth has been very lush.

The grass has grown so quickly that we were nearly overgrown! The rushes on some of our land is waist high and has been uncut for a few years. The ground has been too wet for the last few years to allow a tractor on to it, the wheels would have caused too much damage to the land.

Recently we have had the excitement of getting a walk-behind grass cutter and we have been like two kids excitedly cutting the grass and raking it. Feeling the wet cut grass under my bare feet reminds me of childhood summers in hayfields, counting frogs, drinking cold tea from glass bottles and jumping over the freshly cut hay.

In honour of the amazing growth that we have seen this summer I have freshened the look of the blog a little. I hope you like it, it’s all my own work!

Whitethorn Flowers

Note: not all of my images made it through the import process, some were lost in a photo sharing program I used to use.

This spring there were really beautiful whitethorn (hawthorn) flowers to be seen across the countryside.

Our own whitethorns were not as spectacular as last year and I have been told that often happens with flowering or fruiting trees, they seem to rest every now and then.


Luckily I happened upon some very lovely trees this springs and took some photos….. I hope our trees won’t be jealous!