Unfortunately the photos from this old post have been lost It’s amazing, we have just had 3 full days of sunshine! We are not talking about just a bit of clear sky every now and then, we are talking about three whole, entire days of sunshine, from sunrise to sundown. A German friend noted on… Read More

Unfortunately the photos from this old post have been lost We are getting used to this new way of living, going to town one day a week, working outside when the sun is shining then coming in to work on our computers and read beside the stove in the late afternoon. Looking through the food… Read More

We have had a few beautiful days of sun, light winds and starry clear nights. This week in August every year there are amazing night skies with┬áshooting stars (Perseids) in the northern sky. Check out the Astronomy Ireland website for more details. If you are blessed with clear skies then you owe it to yourself… Read More

Are you interested in seeing the International Space Station as it flies overhead? I have been lucky enough to see it twice recently. Just last week I was camping at a beach on the west coast of Ireland and happened, by chance, to see the space station pass overhead. I was really amazed at how… Read More