Peak Oil


If the Spill Was in my Homeplace

Check this out, the map on this website If It Was My Home shows how the BP oil spill would look if it was in your homeplace. It is a great way to put it into perspective, try it out for yourself. Click on the link above, input your location and the map will show…


the new book that I am reading

This post was prompted by Suzan over at Scrub Oak, who posted about some books she is reading at the moment. I thought I would post about the book I am currently reading. The book is called Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs, by Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne. I think it would be a…


Staying Warm

I was browsing through my blog-reader today and enjoyed this post by Rachel. In fact it got me writing about something I had forgotten to mention – our latest central heating advancement. No, we have not gone mad and had oil fired central heating installed but we have improved the heating which we get from…