Blue mountains stretching into the distance

Loosing a parent hurts and grieving is hard work, I know this because my Dad died about ten years ago. Loosing my mother recently has been more impactful than I could have imagined, it is not a strain to say that it has been a life-changing event for me. My “normal” has gone and won’t… Read More

I am reading a book by John Perkins entitled The Economic Hitman and so recently I signed up to his newsletter. This is the most recent newsletter and I felt the urge to share it… Peace I’m in Istanbul, a city that has seen its share of war. Today Turkey is greatly impacted by the… Read More

Today I received an email from the World Food Program because I had signed up to the site some time ago to offer a little support, my wee drop in the ocean. Today’s email was not to ask me to sign a petition or donate money, rather it asked me to take a few moments… Read More

Happy Bridget’s Day Although by many calendars today, February 2nd is Imbolc and for many that includes the olden goddess Bridget, in my local community and for many in Ireland February 1st is considered St Bridget’s day. In one of my local towns – and even as I say that I realise it sounds strange… Read More