Tonight’s dinner was an unqualified success and an unexpected one at that! We were working on our house project during the day and I had been planning what to cook as I worked – I was thinking lentil burgers, because I knew we had a few eggs and some cheese, accompanied by a Mexican style… Read More

As I write I can hear rain drops pitter patter-ing on the roof light, it’s a lovely sound at night when you are warm and cozy and do not need to go outside. We did get some really nice weather week before last and made good use of it too! A couple of friends from… Read More

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted!  What have you all been up to? I have been helping out at an amazing week long workshop where eighteen guys were learning to build a wind turbine – how cool is that?  The workshop was organised by a locally based couple, the Leitrim Renewable Energy people Eirbyte. … Read More

As I mentioned in one of my earlier entries we are living off the grid here in Leitrim, supplying all of our own electricity. We had a very basic system to start with, which we did by ourselves and now we have a more sophisticated system with help from some local people. We used to… Read More