Eirbyte's wind turbine

I look at websites every day, I use Bloglovin to see what new, great, paleo, gluten free or keto recipes are out there so that I can share them on my facebook page or Pinterest. I use Instagram most days, posting my own photos or enjoying the pics of my insta-buddies and use Twitter most… Read More

Guest Post from Colette NĂ­ Eachtarn (a friend who doesn’t have a blog… yet. Her words need to be heard) ————————————————————– Day 3 on the ground in ‘The Jungle‘, Calais, France. An emotional day today for the whole team. From the minute we stepped into the camp it seems. Again the medical team were out… Read More

We are very excited to have been nominated for the Save Our Planet Awards in which voting is currently open. I’ll wait right here while you pop over to vote for us. These awards are in their second year in the North West of Ireland where we live and are a great way to find… Read More

We have another referendum approaching and we have the opportunity to make our opinions count. I have always felt that it is important to vote. There have been times when I truly wonder whether it really makes any difference to vote, the same policies seem to be in place no matter which of the parties… Read More