Real Snow

We had some real snow today, about seven or eight inches, it snowed all day, only stopping occasionally and then not for long.

We went for a walk, threw really good snow balls and made a snowman. Today was a really good day for messing about and having fun!

I also took a few photos…

Snowy Handle
Snowy Handle
Snow Scene
Snow Scene
Lovely Trees
Lovely Trees

Snow Days

I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that the world was very quiet, so even before I opened my eyes I knew that it had snowed overnight. I jumped out of bed like a kid and quickly had a mug of coffee as I lit the fire and headed out the door to play!

I don’t have a sleigh or sled so I grabbed an old empty plastic coal bag (from the stash of useful empty heavy duty bags) and made my way down the field to the hill, regretting that we hadn’t managed to cut all the rushes last year. Unfortunately this meant that the best sliding spots were too rushy and there was not enough snow to overcome the rushes.

There were a few good slopes at the sides of the field but they headed straight into briar patches = ouch! Didn’t want to try that! I did the best that I could with the conditions, it wasn’t exactly adrenaline pumping fun but it was fun. I had the best results by sliding face down, head first downhill, I wasn’t going fast enough for it to be dangerous and really I enjoyed myself.

Later I went for a walk over to the forest, it’s so beautiful to walk on crunchy clean snowy ground with few tracks. I walked past a few places where I know that badgers or foxes cross into the forest, there were no tracks there.

Tracks in the snow

I did see tracks further down the lane and followed those for a while. They were the tracks of wild and savage mountain anlmals.

Ok, subsititute silly and small-brained for wild and savage and you have hill sheep. Hey – up here in the hills we take our fun where we can get it.

Wild and savage beasts...


As I mentioned in one of my earlier entries we are living off the grid here in Leitrim, supplying all of our own electricity. We had a very basic system to start with, which we did by ourselves and now we have a more sophisticated system with help from some local people.

We used to have a wind turbine but we took it down late last year to make a larger one so we are relying on our solar pv system for power.

The PV system has brought us though the winter with flying colours, it was installed by a local Leitrim company Eirbyte who do systems design and installation. We were really happy with their work and they are nice people too who also live off-grid.

We do have a back-up diesel generator as do most off-grid people and luckily we have not have to use it often. The pv panels are on a tracker so they get the most out of the sun available on any given day.