We had some real snow today, about seven or eight inches, it snowed all day, only stopping occasionally and then not for long. We went for a walk, threw really good snow balls and made a snowman. Today was a really good day for messing about and having fun! I also took a few photos…… Read More

I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that the world was very quiet, so even before I opened my eyes I knew that it had snowed overnight. I jumped out of bed like a kid and quickly had a mug of coffee as I lit the fire and headed out the door to play! I… Read More

As I mentioned in one of my earlier entries we are living off the grid here in Leitrim, supplying all of our own electricity. We had a very basic system to start with, which we did by ourselves and now we have a more sophisticated system with help from some local people. We used to… Read More