Vermont -

I arrived back from Vermont a week ago yesterday so it is not surprising that the memories are fresh, however I don’t think that they will ever fade. I was only there for a week, so much happened, so much was experienced that it feels as though I was there longer.… Read More

I am reading a book by John Perkins entitled The Economic Hitman and so recently I signed up to his newsletter. This is the most recent newsletter and I felt the urge to share it… Peace I’m in Istanbul, a city that has seen its share of war. Today Turkey is greatly impacted by the… Read More

I spent the weekend with many friends, listening. We listened to each other as we shared part of our life story. We spoke in turn and did not interrupt each other, concentrating instead on listening. Not the sort of listening where you are already composing your retort/reply/next question. It was the sort of listening that… Read More

I found this story whilst trawling the web last night, the story is also covered here– what do you think? This story is about a group of women in India who have enough of being beaten and undefended. They have started to group together and stand up for themselves, using lathi – traditional sticks, if… Read More