Kiss Halloween

Living on the hill we don’t get trick or treaters wandering past our door on Halloween night so I very much enjoyed this little story sent to me by a friend who is living in Toronto, Canada –

We had one gang of trick-or-treaters tonight, a bunch of girls (I think), aged about eleven or twelve. They were costumed very impressively as a scarier version of Kiss, with the full-blown face makeup, very well done. No instruments or giant platform boots, but the face makeup must have taken ages to apply.

There was a fifth one bringing up the rear, dressed in a startlingly incongruous manner. She looked like a mummified hag draped in seaweed. I said, “Wow – you don’t look like part of the band!”

She said, “No, I’m the groupie…”

Hilarious!!! Extra candy for her!

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