Away From Home

I have been away from home for three weeks now and have not been very active online so belated Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there.

I had hoped to be home by now however the Irish weather has had other ideas and the roads are still very dangerous in places.  We have been in touch with a neighbour who advised us not to attempt the journey unless we really need to.  It is starting to feel as though I really need to…

We have been staying with different family members, first a week near a beach which was lovely and since then with an elderly parent. I have to say that Christmas was lovely, very peaceful and calm and christmassy, the ground sparkling in the hard frost…

It’s just that after awhile, no matter how gracious your welcome, it is good to go home…

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  1. Having spent a fortnight in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, at the hands of very giving parents, who insisted on paying for everything, the moment we arrived home and entered through the front door, the tears fell for joy of having returned home. The fast pace life living in Honolulu coupled with hot, humid weather, Big Daddy was happy to return to boots and mama to her garden!
    Welcome Home!

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