I am new to blogging and when I searched for blogs pertaining to renewable energy and sustainable living I found about one quarter of a million! So why add to this list? I really don’t have any particularly good reason. I guess it’s one way for me to communicate that doesn’t involve travel, perhaps I should say that hopefully it will become a way to communicate as the blog develops – and perhaps someone will read it and leave a nice comment.

I did find it difficult to wade through even some of the 250 thousand blogs that came up however I also found some that are really enjoyable to read, I will do my best to add them to the blogroll as I find them.

I noticed that some blogs are so covered with ads that I quickly lose interest and don’t even bother to bookmark them – so you might guess that I am not a big fan of the advertising world, I don’t enjoy things that are over-commercialized.

I can handle a blog with a few ads, fair play to anyone who can add to their income by blogging (multiple income streams are great) but please don’t go for overkill, I am sure that there are others who like me will just switch off.

I am more into sharing than buying, I am trying to not be a good little consumer.

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