Budgeting manure

I spent yesterday creating a bank in which to plant a hedge (whitethorn) to fill a gap that used to be a gateway and is no longer used. I was using a large pile of cow dung and straw that a neighbour kindly delivered to us last year when he was cleaning out a cowshed and it had been sitting for the year composting away, the top was well composted and filled with happy worms but in the middle, it was very much recognisable as what it was – cowshit.

Yesterday alot of people were shovelling manure – it was budget day in Ireland, however in Dublin they were busy shovelling bullshit! It was also readily recognisable – taking away automatic medical cards for those over seventy years of age, taking away special needs and library grants for primary schools, I won’t go on. I could – but I won’t.

I guess I was lucky, I knew what I was shovelling and something beautifull will grow in it, the whitethorn (hawthorn) hedge will shelter and nuture the vunerable during the winter months, feed many small creatures, provide beauty for the eyes, delight the nose when in flower, provide challenge for the two kittens climbing skills and the hedge, firmly rooted in cowsh*t, may very well outlast me.

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  1. Welcome back 😀 – Please respell your blog name for me since it is gone along with all your past blogs.

    Seems Ireland is having some kind of computer meltdown – wonder if that might be indicative of things to come?

    I understand “bullshit” all too well what with the upcoming presidential(?) elections here in the states and all the controversy, debates, advertisements, etc. Sometimes all I want to do is make like an ostrich and hide my head so it will all go away :).

    Lindy in AZ

  2. Hi Lindy, thanks for checking back to see if I was still around. By the way, the server we were using was based in Canada so the gremlins are all over the place – the server guys did get back to my friend and offered him a few months free but I don’t think he was too keen to risk losing all the websites a second time, apparently they had a new guy working for them who caused the meltdown and then hackers got in and deleted their back-up system! Sounds nasty.
    Yes, you guys over there sure have your share of the bullshit! For some strange reason that I do not fully understand our media here in Ireland seem to have as much interest in American politics as they do in domestic politics. I find the interest rather bizarre, it overshadows interest in any other political nation, in fact, at times it overshadows interest in our own government, rather like a distraction – hmmm, I wonder…
    Namaste Lindy, from Scribhneoir

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