More Spring Flowers

Note: not all of my images made it through the import process, some were lost in a photo sharing program I used to use.

Here are a few more photos from springtime which I didn’t get around to putting up until now, enjoy…

Daisy and Friend

These are common flowers found in the shelter of hedgerows and easily overlooked if you are moving quickly. Sometimes it really good to slow down and really see what is all around you.

Unfurling Fern

These ferns are now all stretching skyward, drinking in the sunshine and the rain.

Forget Me Not?

Sometimes I am amazed at the ability of a  mobile phone camera to get detail at the macro level. I rarely think to carry my camera when I nip out for a wee stroll however the phone is often in my pocket and it comes in very handy.

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  1. Hello from Australia!
    I’m dropping by via the D2Earth forum.
    I just adore your photos! WOW! I wish my camera was as sharp as that. They’re just beautiful. ?
    Catherine (aka alecat)

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit Catherine, I love to get visitors 🙂
      Glad you like my photos, I find the flower pictures are really cheering. Love my mobile phone – what a great camera in a small package!

  2. Just followed your link from Twitter to your blog and since I am a bit of a plant nerd I think that that last pretty piccie is of Veronica also known as speedwell…lovely to be reminded of spring flowers on a wintry old afternoon!

    1. Thanks Michelle for dropping by via Twitter. And now that you mention it yes, I do believe that you are right, thanks for that. It is cool to be a plant nerd 🙂

      And yes, it is lovely to see spring flowers on such a cold and cloudy, snowy day. I’m glad you commented as I got to see them again too.

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