How to Become an Independent World Traveler

Many of us yearn to be a traveler, the sort of person who has adventures, who brings home great travel stories, unusual photos and makes connections with people in foreign lands. Realistically however most of us have very restricted travel time and even more restricted budgets. So how do we have the adventure of a…


Yes, you can make a difference!

I received the newsletter (copied below) from the good people at Food and Water Watch – a watchdog site in the USA that enable people like you and me to make a difference on matters that concern us – safe food and water for the generations to come as well as ourselves. Being an “armchair…


Digging around

I am just playing around to see if I can feed my blog posts into Digg. There is no good reason for doing this, it’s raining and I am sitting here playing so I just thought that I would give it a go… I don’t use Digg however I thought I might learn to and…