Digging around

I am just playing around to see if I can feed my blog posts into Digg. There is no good reason for doing this, it’s raining and I am sitting here playing so I just thought that I would give it a go…

I don’t use Digg however I thought I might learn to and if I can set twitter and digg to talk to each other then I could have a party……… I do like parties, I can bring cakes and buns and digg can bring the fizzy drinks and twitter can bring the conversation………. there now, we are all set… party at my place… http://digg.com/scribhneoir

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  1. Please do let me know when you’ve got that sorted out – I dunno what Digg is, really but people get all kinds of excited when they end up on the front page… although I suspect that this and a couple of bucks would get me on the NYC subway!



    1. I haven’t paid it very much attention yet, perhaps I will do some homework and write it up as a Geeky Wednesday post over the winter if we get snowed in or I am feeling particularly diligent – that doesn’t happen too often 😉

      I have managed to have my blog posts feed directly into Digg and as I read through interesting items on the web I sometimes Digg them.

      I think that I have a Stumblepon profile however it’s so long ago that I can’t remember what it is – ooops! I think that both Digg and StumbleUpon are quite similar and that both are simply ways of using Social Media to promote stories/articles etc.

      Mmmmm, I am becoming intrigued myself now – you know I think that I might just do that Geeky Wednesday thing after all, snow or no snow….

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