Unfortunately the photos from this old post have been lost It’s the end of December and so the next calendar year is almost upon us. For me the new year really begins at Winter Solstice and I am already enjoying the lengthening of the winter days. We are having a wet and warm Christmas season… Read More

I have been away from home for three weeks now and have not been very active online so belated Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there. I had hoped to be home by now however the Irish weather has had other ideas and the roads are still very dangerous in places.  We… Read More

I don’t quite know what it is about dark Autumn and winter evenings that inspires me to knit or crochet. It happens each year without fail. Despite this my knitting skills have not really improved very much. I tend to knit simple things like scarves that require no pattern and I don’t have to worry… Read More

I have been preoccupied lately and not paid much attention to the web so tonight I have been doing some catching up and reading some favourite blogs. It was like a winters evening, I lit the fire about 5pm, himself put a chicken in the oven.  I read as the wind blew around us and… Read More