Procrastination, rain and a new book shop

The Sun Never Says
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Rainy summer days seem just perfect for geeking out and spending far too much time on the computer instead of being outdoors, frolicking in the rain. I do have great rain gear and it’s not cold outside despite the low hanging greyness of the supposedly summer days so I really have no excuse for becoming a chair potato (we currently don’t own a couch).

I have however the perfect excuse for whiling away my time online as we are both working hard at re-branding our web hosting business, we will be launching a new website soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile I have also been slaving away over a hot keyboard creating a book shop for my own personal little baby – this website. Pop over and have a peek. It’s an Amazon affiliate store so the shopping basket system is well tested and perfectly safe, your purchase order (should you be so kind as to make one) will be ferried straight over to Amazon by my very own Paleo fairies so you have no fear of anything going amiss.

Have you seen my new twitter header photo? Its a scene which I photographed some months ago on a working trip to Co Galway. The photo is taken on Inislacken Island off Roundstone, a truly beautiful place.

I have also been playing working on my Pinterest presence making some changes there. Some of my new boards will remain private until there are at least a few pictures on them so it may take some time until they are all unveiled. I’ve rearranged the pin boards into what seems like a more logical order with the Paleo recipe boards up front and then items like natural beauty, Tai Chi and architecture further down the list as they are not the prime reason that people visit Paleo Pinterest pages.

I was delighted to be invited to add pins to a Living Gluten Free board which has lots of great recipe ideas on it, some of which are paleo and of course I hope to add many more paleo recipes to the board myself so you may want to keep an eye on that one. I am not really a recipe creator myself as my cooking tends towards the very basic so although I may from time to time go crazy and add a recipe to this site I usually try to spread the love on Pinterest and Twitter by sharing other people’s great Paleo recipes.


Getting a little movement into November

As some of you know I’m often over on twitter and on Tuesday evenings between 8 and 9pm I join in a chat with a group of twitterers who come together to chat with each other. Most of us are from the western edge of Europe (Britain and Ireland) however lots of people are joining in from elsewhere and it’s great fun. You just search for the hashtag #paleohour on twitter on a tuesday eve and join in, although it can be hard to follow a conversation you will develop your own knack for doing so.

This week some paleo peeps were talking about doing the Whole30 which is a 30 day plan to clean up your eating when some others realised that really they needed some help with increasing/changing their exercise regime or, like me, motivation to exercise regularly.

So the creatives (well done!) came up the the notion of #Fitness30 – moving our bodies for each day of November, doing something new be it going a 30min walk or trying a yoga pose. It will be different for each of us. We will try to keep a record or our efforts either by posting on twitter using the hashtag #Fitness30 or on facebook (same hashtag) or some people write it up on their blogs.

Sometimes social pressure can be unhealthy, for example people can develop strange ideas about the perfect body if they are influenced by mass media or find it difficult to change to healthier eating patterns if their peers pressure them into not being “different” however this is one time where I am going to use social pressure to help me make some positive changes. We can choose to use social pressure to motivate and encourage us to make changes that seem difficult to make alone.

I don’t exercise in any particular way and some days I exercise very little so this is a big motivator to me to get off-my-butt and do something everyday. Mostly I think I will go for a walk (30 minute minimum) however I may surprise myself and find that I am trying out some rusty Yoga poses. You will have to pop over to Twitter to find out!

I am in the fortunate position of planning some work in Portugal this winter and if all goes according to plan we will be heading away in mid-November. I hope to keep up the #Fitness30 challenge while we travel and once we arrive however I may not be able to tweet about it each day as I don’t yet know what my access to the internet will be like.

Please let me know if you are going to join in, leave a comment here or over on either facebook or twitter. It would lovely to hear from you and know what you are planning to do too.

New PaleoIrish Facebook Page

I have taken the plunge and set up a facebook page where I hope to be able to meet and chat with some of the fine people who sometimes pop by here to catch up on my Paleo journey.

If you are on facebook then please come on over and have a look – I am easy to find, it’s a nice easy name to remember –

Don’t forget to click on the all important “Like” button when you get there and leave a comment or two every now and then. You can use the page to let me know what you would like to see on the blog, if there are any questions you would like to ask then please do so. I have to admit that I am not on facebook everyday however I do check in regularly with my phone. See you in facebook world…