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Procrastination, rain and a new book shop

Rainy summer days seem just perfect for geeking out and spending far too much time on the computer instead of being outdoors, frolicking in the rain. I do have great rain gear and it’s not cold outside despite the low hanging greyness of the supposedly summer days so I really have no excuse for becoming…


Getting a little movement into November

As some of you know I’m often over on twitter and on Tuesday evenings between 8 and 9pm I join in a chat with a group of twitterers who come together to chat with each other. Most of us are from the western edge of Europe (Britain and Ireland) however lots of people are joining…


New PaleoIrish Facebook Page

I have taken the plunge and set up a facebook page where I hope to be able to meet and chat with some of the fine people who sometimes pop by here to catch up on my Paleo journey. If you are on facebook then please come on over and have a look – I…