Technical Ooops!!

Hi All, sorry for disappearing but I had problems beyond my control. It seems that the server my blog was hosted on went belly up – they just disappeared overnight last week! I have no idea what happened but my freind who put up this site for me on a server he was using lost all his websites, including those of some clients – ouch! It is considered odd in cyber land for a server to not be able to supply back-up of the sites stored on their servers but that is what happened – no back-up available. That is not too bad for me but I m sure that must have been really bad for some people – I feel for them! I will be able to put up a few pieces that I wrote but i cannot remember what the lovely theme I was using is so I will search again – exciting really, new beginnings and all that…

I hope you are all well and will come back sometime for a wee read and see what exciting new things I can find to make my wee blog pretty again…

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