Autumn Sun

Today was a beautiful autumn day, the sun was shining brightly and the morning was crisply clear. We had a few wee showers but mainly it was a gorgeous day. We arrived back home last night and it was great to be home this morning to see the lovely day unfold.

Luckily I was outdoors for some of the day doing some jobs in the garden, raking up some recently strimmed grass which will end up in the compost heap as a covering and I was emptying the compost loo, a regular job in our home.

i enjoyed the feeling of autumn sun on my face, listening to bird-song and watching kittens play.

Today was a good day, I hope you had a good day too…

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  1. Happy to hear you could recover your posts, Scribhneoir. And congratulations on your new grandma status. It’s a very nice place to be – overwhelming or no. I very much enjoy having the hubbub of a weekend – and love the quiet later, too. It’s very warm here today – cold front coming tomorrow. I’m ready.

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