Strange Goings On

If you are new to reading this blog you may be confused by entries appearing in a very strange calender order – the explanation being that I had lost all my entries due to a large technical hiccup in Canada where my blog was sitting on a server that became non-existent.

I found some of my articles backed up on a usb thingy and put them up on the blog a few evenings ago and then I discovered last evening that most of my blog was still saved for me on my google reader – hurray for google!! I have spend the evening copying and pasting my entries back into the blog so very little has now been lost, isn’t technology wonderful after all?

As I write this i am looking at the rising moon out of the window and I have to admit that it is very difficult to stay focussed on the screen, my eyes are constantly drawn to the wonders of nature outside the window.  There is a storm forecast for tomorrow with 110mph wind so we will have more wonders of nature to observe. We will be visiting friends who have a wind turbine and the wind will certainly test it tomorrow, hopefully everything will stay where it is supposed to.

Sleep well and stay safe…

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