Shell Hell everywhere

Shell have been guilty of many attrocites across the world and their guilt is a well accepted fact for most people.

Across the planet, in the places where fossil fuels are sourced, people are resisting new energy developments and this has often brought the them up against the might of Shell.

It’s easy to buy influence and power when you have resources that multinational fuel companies have. It’s easy to manipulate and browbeat communities with threats and bribes, to influence governments, both local and national.

And we know all too well in this country how often money has influenced decisions that should not be decided by money. How many tribunals have we had now?

For many years now the people of Mayo have been resisting Shell’s attempt to build a controversial high pressure gas line through a small rural community. Some years ago a number of local Rossport people were jailed for contempt of court and spent some time in jail before Shell relented and the Rossport 5 were released.

Dear friends, this is an appeal to you to send a card to Pat O’Donnell, the fisherman, from Porturlin, County Mayo, who has for years now resisted the encroachment of Shell into his village and fishing waters.

He has been bullied, his boat has been sunk and now he’s been sent to prison for peaceful resistance and has a sentence of 7 months, 2 months already done.

His wife says that he loves receiving cards and letters, so please take the time to send good wishes. Better still, send a card every week!

Pat O’Donnell,

Castlerea Prison,



Co. Roscommon

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