Fruit Crumble

Note: not all of my images made it through the import process, some were lost in a photo sharing program I used to use.

Today was a very wet rainy day and I only got outside for a short walk between the showers so I did some catching up on reading books and blogs and also writing in my journal.

I also did some baking – a “what have I got in the cupboard” crumble.

I had a few slightly over-ripe pears and two big cooking apples which I sliced thinly and put into a saucepan with a few spoons of water, two spoons of pear & apple spread, a few chopped dried dates and a spoonful of honey.  I cooked this gently until well softened.

For the crumble I used three spoonfuls each of Linwoods flaxseed, brazil and almond nut mix, Linwoods hemp seed and Linwoods flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin seed, three spoonfuls of oat flakes,  two small spoons of organic brown sugar and three spoonfuls of dessicated coconut. I added about 50 grams of butter to mix through all of this and make it suitable for a crumble.

I put the fruit mix onto a baking tray and covered it evenly with the crumble mix, this went into the oven at gas mark 4 for about 45 minutes and allow it to cool when done – that’s the hard part 🙂

The crumble mix is a little more exotic than I would normally make for the simple reason that I had no flour and I have all the ground nut and seed mixes for adding to my breakfast muesli.

Serve cooled with natural yoghurt – yummy!

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