A New Way to Power Your Laptop

Unfortunately the photos from this old post have been lost
As you may know hubby and I are wind turbine mad, we teach people to build their own wind turbine and that’s why I have a lovely turbine spinning around today generating all the power I need to write this.

Well I also have a friend who loves staying fit and was reluctant over the last two years to get out on his bike in the inclement winter conditions and bad roads around his home in north Leitrim.

We got together during September last year when Hugh Piggott was over here doing his annual guest teacher slot and created a new machine that would both help my friend to stay fit and also to generate enough power to run a laptop, printer and desk lamps.

The resultant creation is now viewable on youtube, sorry I don’t have the movie up here, you will have click on the link here and go view it for yourself.

It’s worth the click!

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