It’s Snowing

I can’t believe it!! i just popped out after dinner to get the cat food dish and it was snowing!!!

Yahoo – I am a total kid when it comes to snow, I just love it, I don’t worry about any inconvenience, I head straight for 8 year old status!

We have already had more than an inch of snow – I know that by the standards of some places in the world that one inch is not even worth talking about – but I don’t live in those places, I live in Ireland where we don’t get snow very often so I make no apologies for being eight right now, and being a grown up eight year old means I get to be silly and excited but don’t have to go to bed early!

The moon is out as well so I just had a little walk in the snowy moonlight – hey, it might be gone when I get up in the morning!

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  1. When my brother and I were little and growing up in our home state of Michigan my Dad would come running into our bedrooms about this time of year to excitedly wake us up and announce the first snowfall of the season. We would race out of bed and press our noses to the cold glass of the window to watch the gently falling flakes. Memories are made of . . . 😀

    Where is Liz? Nothing on her blog for about 3 weeks now. Is she OK? I know she was having computer problems but thought she had fixed that?

    Lindy in AZ, USA

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