Christmas Gifts

Adopted Leitrim woman Liz (as in she has adopted Leitrim!) on her blog has been encouraging people to buy Christmas gifts in their local towns which is a great idea. I would also encourage people to buy locally made or hand-made products as much as possible.

Little gifts can also have a large impact and travel far. I have been giving Christmas Tree decorations to some of the younger members of my family for some time now and they seem to really enjoy having their very own decorations to hang on the tree. I was thinking ahead though when I started doing this because I was thinking that when these young people are older and have left home they will have a lovely memory of their childhood Christmas hanging on their very own Christmas Trees.

I also enjoy making Christmas gifts for family but it can seem hard trying to find ideas, that’s where the internet is so great, it is easy to find all sorts of useful sites about crafts with lots of ideas and instructions for gift ideas.

I am a little bit behind with my hand-making list so I had better get a move on. Thanks for dropping by and having a read.

Have a lovely Friday night!

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