Not taking it no more…

I found this story whilst trawling the web last night, the story is also covered here– what do you think?

This story is about a group of women in India who have enough of being beaten and undefended. They have started to group together and stand up for themselves, using lathi – traditional sticks, if necessary.

For the longest time women who have been abused have not been heard, these women are making some noise!

I can certainly understand the frustration that lead to this situation of women having to go to such lengths to stand up for themselves when the authorities that are supposed to keep law and order are not to be trusted. Of course it should not be necessary for the authorities to protect women and children, women and children should not be subjected to violence but unfortunately this is not always the case.

I don’t believe in violence as a remedy which is perhaps why I found this story so interesting and thought provoking.

What do you think?

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