Dark Evening Knitting

I don’t quite know what it is about dark Autumn and winter evenings that inspires me to knit or crochet.

It happens each year without fail. Despite this my knitting skills have not really improved very much.

I tend to knit simple things like scarves that require no pattern and I don’t have to worry about tension – other than my tension if I drop a stitch!

This winter I am trying a baby blanket for the impending birth of my second grand-child. I am using cotton yarn so that itching the wee baby’s delicate skin won’t be a problem.

I found a great free website for baby blanket patterns. In fact there are lots of wonderful free knitting patterns out there on the internet, just google free knitting pattern followed by your chosen project – for example free knitting pattern baby blanket.

I decided to see if I could improve my knitting technique so I went to the vast storage library of all skills – YouTube.

I found an amazing video of what looked like a very simple and fast technique for knitting.

I have tried this continental knitting method for a whole evening and although I am able to do it I find that I am still very slow and that I feel stressed so I have gone back to my own method for the moment.

There is at least one knitting group in the Leitrim/Roscommon area that meets in Carrick On Shannon every few weeks. I will try to go along to the next meeting.

Meanwhile, I will keep on knitting, one stitch at time…

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  1. I am so grateful to you for posting this video. I have enjoyed using the continental method for knitting but have never been able to PURL that way. Now I can’t wait to go try it having seen the video!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Mariah, I had another try at this method myself, I still find it quite slow however I can see that if I keep trying it will get easier and it certainly looks like a fast method when you get good at it. I think though I will always be a crochet girl πŸ™‚

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