How do you eat almond butter?

How do you eat your almond butter? With a teaspoon usually, or sometimes a raw carrot.

I was buying my weekly small jar of organic almond butter from Nature Trail, my local health-food shop in Leitrim and as we chatted by the checkout I was asked how do I eat almond butter? I guess the question didn’t seem so strange because Maire knows that I no longer eat bread, biscuits or crackers and I suppose that most people spread their nut butters on something that was once a grain such as wheat or oats.

She sighed, saying how much she loves almond butter and added wistfully “but isn’t it very fattening?” I grinned and said happily it’s not a problem for me.

I love almond butter and restrict myself to one jar a week – it’s a small jar…

So sometimes I use a teaspoon and slowly enjoy every morsel. If I am a bit hungry I will chop up a few raw carrots and dip them in the almond butter, enjoying the crunch of a fresh raw carrot and the contrast of the texture of the yummy almond butter.

I think that the most decadent way that I eat almond butter is to add a few spoonfuls of dessicated coconut and shavings of a really good, high percentage dark chocolate – I usually do this when the jar is nearly empty. For an extra treatĀ if you are a big coconut fan then you can also add some coconut oil to the mix and put the mixture in the fridge for a while. Happy munching…

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