Leftovers for Dinner

Note: not all of my images made it through the import process, some were lost in a photo sharing program I used to use.

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner and it was a really easy dinner to cook. Put some organic pasta bows on the go while I quickly chop some onion and garlic and put them into the frying pan with a dollop of olive oil and a dollop of organic sunflower oil.

Onion and Garlic with Leftovers

I then chopped up some leftover salami sausage from yesterday’s lunch and added that to the softening onion and garlic and next in the pan were leftover veggies from last nights dinner. Fry up until cooked through.

Colourful Pan

Just grate some cheese and check that the pasta is cooked.

Pasta and Cheese

There is no photo of the food on the plates – it didn’t stay on the plates for long, it was yummy and we were hungry…..

Do you like leftovers?

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