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There are some great websites out there for giving away free stuff. It’s a great way to declutter, you can offer your extra or no longer wanted stuff to people who may be in a position to make use of it. You don’t deliver the stuff, people collect it unless you want to deliver. It’s a great way to ensure that things get re-used instead of going to landfill or the recycling centre.

Obviously it makes sense to ensure your safety at all times and not to give your phone number if you are not comfortable, make sure there is someone there with you when stuff is being collected etc – the usual common sense stuff applies.

Of course, these sites are not just for decluttering – it’s also possible that you may end up with more clutter so think carefully about what you are offering to take home with you. Make sure that you really will make use of the item and that you have the space to accomodate it. If you think that you know someone who would just love the item then don’t just offer to take the item for them – check with your friend first or you may end up simply offering the item again.

Most people probably are familiar with it’s been on the go for years both here and across the water and is a locally based give away system – you join your local area group and you can sign up for regular emails if you choose or just check the local group listing to see what’s on offer.

Another option is which is a national website that lists items for sale and also freebies for collection. Many of the users are based in the bigger cities, however if there is something that you really want that shouldn’t be a deterrent as long as you are prepared to travel to collect the item.

Another national free item site is and it is also well worth while keeping an eye on this one. Jumbletown is orgainised on a forum basis with lots of different sections so that searching for items of interest is not difficult.

If you haven’t found what you want then try as well. This is a national forum with discussion areas for lots of things and it has an area for freebies.

So there you have it – lots of websites to look at if you want to check out things that people are giving away for free. Enjoy…

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