Changing Times

I have been preoccupied lately and not paid much attention to the web so tonight I have been doing some catching up and reading some favourite blogs.

It was like a winters evening, I lit the fire about 5pm, himself put a chicken in the oven.  I read as the wind blew around us and the rain pelted against the windows.

About an hour forty five minutes later I put my favourite cast iron pot on the stove-top and threw in some chopped leeks & raisins as the oil was heating. Then I added some cajun spice and a cup of basmati rice and stirred to mix well and warm through, adding two and a half cups of water to simmer while I read some more.

I wasn’t just catching up on blogs, I was also browsing real estate websites – not something I was expecting to be doing right now. Some family circumstances are changing and it is possible that we may move instead of building.

Nothing is certain yet however we are having a look to see what is available. To be honest I am finding the prices a bit ridiculous and I believe that already they are lower than they would have been some months ago and will probably keep dropping.

Thank goodness for the grounding effects of a lovely roast chicken dinner!

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  1. Rain and a lovely chicken dinner sounds delightful. No rain here in the desert for quite sometime now not that there is anything unusual about that.

    Real estate, as you have no doubt heard, caused a calamatous situation here in the states. I do feel badly for people who bought at ridiculously high prices a few years ago and now owe far more on their homes than the homes are worth.

    Lindy in Arizona

  2. Well, I’m back also. Changing times for so many of us. I hope you find that perfect property. There is a part of me (the nasty, silly part of me) that just wants to ball my fists up and stick my lip out. And then the other side of me that accepts, welcomes even, change gracefully.

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