Summer Green

We have had a much better summer than in the last few years. There has been lost of sun and a generous amount of rain so the growth has been very lush.

The grass has grown so quickly that we were nearly overgrown! The rushes on some of our land is waist high and has been uncut for a few years. The ground has been too wet for the last few years to allow a tractor on to it, the wheels would have caused too much damage to the land.

Recently we have had the excitement of getting a walk-behind grass cutter and we have been like two kids excitedly cutting the grass and raking it. Feeling the wet cut grass under my bare feet reminds me of childhood summers in hayfields, counting frogs, drinking cold tea from glass bottles and jumping over the freshly cut hay.

In honour of the amazing growth that we have seen this summer I have freshened the look of the blog a little. I hope you like it, it’s all my own work!

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