So Hacked Off!

Funny word – hack: a hacking cough; an old fashioned tabloid journalist; an old horse; a horse drawn taxi (hackney); to have a afternoon horse ride (to hack out); a trick or easy method of doing something; computer hacker; to be annoyed, very upset (hacked off)

It’s the final two which concern me here and they are connected. A friend of mine had a look at his website the other night to find that his site information was gone and in it’s place was a notice telling him that he had been hacked! There was load of blarney in two other languages which as best as I could translate, between googling and bablefish was a lot of waffle about how America was destroying the world climate and it was time to act.

Well thanks lads – that was really news to me! Fair play to ye, using your brains to upset a really lovely person (who wouldn’t hurt a fly and works with healing) in order to get your message out there that climate change is happening. We never would have known if you didn’t do that. You are all just great – Not!

And by the way, the website destroyed was based in Ireland, not in America and the server being used was in Canada, which funnily enough, also is not in America so if these silly people really wanted to cause distress to American “earth destroying capitalists” they need geography lessons.

These wastrels concentrated on only Linux systems, oh yeah, Linux has capitalism as it’s core, pure evil, the downfall of the world – again – Not!

Many of the websites attacked by these *geniuses* were home-made – designed by the website owners using open source software (more on this another time – I promise) and not all were concerned with making lots of money, but rather to do with hobbies and interests.

For the life of me I cannot understand this form of vandalism. These people obviously do have very useful brains, but they have no sense whatsoever. It really made me so angry.

They spend considerable time deliberately causing disturbance of people they will never know and also causing hurt to people they will never know.

Perhaps it is a good thing that I cannot understand this behaviour.

It is fair to say that I am well and truly hacked off!

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