Moon Song

I have just been relaxing for a while here on a frosty Leitrim afternoon, catching up on reading other blogs that I enjoy.

Correction – I wasn’t really relaxing, I was working- I was actually waiting for the washing up water in the sink to be the right temperature to wash the dishes without scalding my “dainty” little handies. The reason that the water is so hot is that I heated it up in a great big saucepan on the wee stove that heats our home. Sometimes I do this to conserve the use of gas however today I chose this method because our water system is frozen, has been for days now so we have no water on tap.

Yes, this is the twenty first century and this is still Celtic Tiger Ireland and I am going out into the yard with a bucket to break the ice on the rain-water barrel in order to collect water to heat over the fire and do the dishes and what’s more – I did it with a song on my lips. Have you seen the sky this evening?

Stop reading now, go outside right this very moment and look upwards. The sky this evening is just breathtaking, awe-inspiring, just completely beautiful!

I had been reading through my fav blogs, as I said earlier and I had really enjoyed Liz’s post about the wolf moon when I noticed that the fire was going down and remembered that I had to bring in some fuel from the shed. This led to a chain of events because I then remembered that the dishes were waiting in the sink and that I needed more water to put the big pot back on the stove and that the cats needed to be fed.

So out I went, gloves and hat on, bucket in hand – to be stopped in my busy tracks by the moon.

What a sight! The sky was just so beautiful and the moon so close and inviting of admiration that I started to sing a moonsong – you can make up your own to whatever tune you please.

Every direction was beautiful, the colours in the sky so lovely.

So the cats were fed, the fuel for the fire brought indoors, the ice broken and the water collected all with me singing my heart out. This is one of the many times that I am so very grateful to live in a somewhat isolated place.

I reckon Liz must be right, this has got to be a moon for wishing or praying or placing intention – whatever you wish to call it, I feel that is a particularly good moon for it.

I think that I had better go do the dishes now…

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  1. Yeh – it’s an amazing full moon rising.

    After I wrote my post I took Coco pup for a walk by Lock 5 before the sun set … and the moon was high in the sky … glorious. About to upload some photos of it on the blog.

    It’s dark now and I went outside … big moon … clear sky … and Venus … damn we’re lucky to live in one of the least light polluted counties in Ireland.

    Sounds like your day went well.

    Take care

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