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I love this story which I found on TreeHugger, a site that I check out every now and again, I like the fact that you get good news stories there, there are enough of the other kind (like my last post for instance!).

This story is about a young fella in the USA who got so frustrated at what he saw happening around him that he had to take action. Apparently GWB, the almost EX-president of over-there (how I love saying almost ex) decided in his unlimited unwisdom to sell off the leases on thousands of acres of Utah wildland – “After receiving complaints from the National Park Service, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had dropped half of the initially proposed 359,000 acres from the sale” – wow, did someone notice the sellout? This young fella went along to the auction to protest and, understandably, got carried away

Read the story here for yourself, it’s worth the click…

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  1. Hi Scribhneoir, In the USA it seems that GWB has been considered the “ex” ever since the election of BO. Unfortunately this “person” insists on continuing to wreak as much havoc and damage as is possible in what legal? time he has left. Not only are we (planet) in the throws of an ever deepening recession but the man and his wife went out and spent $475,000(or was it ($485,000) on a set of china for the White House. A SET OF CHINA for God’s sake! Can you imagine?! People are losing their jobs, going on welfare, losing their health insurance, losing their homes and their cars and their businesses and these greedy-beyond-all imagination people are spending close to 1/2 million dollars of taxpayer $ on china. Who the !@#$ needs that to eat on when one can eat on plates from the Goodwill just as well. I am livid – in case you hadn’t noticed. Jan. 20 cannot come too quickly. When it does we can all only hope and pray (in whatever form and to whomever) that the new admin. will be ready, willing, and able to help the world recover from the terrible illness we have all been suffering for the past 8 years. This illness needs a name – perhaps Bushitis?! By the way, this couple also purchased an 8,000 sq. ft. house at slightly over $2.1 million as their “retirement” home in TX. The man has no morals and no estimable values. He has greed and selfishness running through his veins. He lies to the public and people bought it enough to vote for him – not once – but twice?!!!!

    As for the student “monkey-wrencher” in Utah. The world needs more people just like him with the courage of his convictions. One of my long-time favorite books is “Monkey Wrench Gang” by Edward Abbey.

    Oh my! Enough of my ranting and raving.

    I do agree – Liz’s blog on the Wolf Moon is great. I will watch at sunset here in the AZ desert this eveing.

    Happy New Year, Lindy

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