Cobweb Season

I woke up yesterday morning to find that cobweb season had arrived. When I went for my early morning walk I discovered that our land was cloaked in wondrous cobwebs, each glistening in morning mist. All the thistles and rushes and tall grasses were connected by shimmering bridges of silk where there was none the day before. Unfortunately the camera is off travelling with himself so ye will just have to take my word for it!

I have decided that it is absolutely ludicrous to keep calling the seasons by their usual names because those names conjure up images of what we would normally expect the season to deliver and such expectations inevitably lead to great disappointment.

Therefore, the last season was purple season, as evidenced by the glorious purple flowers that surrounded us here on the hill and this season is now cobweb season. My seasons do not last neat numbers of months like the old fashioned ones, they may even be different to the seasons at the bottom of the hill, they only last a little while and then we have a wondrous new season to enjoy and delight in!

What season are you currently enjoying in your neck of the woods?

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