TaDa – Presenting a New Look

Welcome to my new wordpress blog theme – designed by yours truly!

I must admit to being quite pleased as I have never attempted anything quite like this before – looking through templates and choosing one is as technical as I have been in the past!

What do you think? Is it a keeper?

It feels a little strange just yet as I was quite attached to my previous theme – Maple Leaf 1.03 by TemplateLite.com which was a lovely 2 column WordPress theme showing a beautiful autumn season landscape.

Beautiful as it was I wanted the satisfaction of trying to design my own and I am glad that I did – it has been a fun exercise – in fact – if any of my readers would like the template which was my first attempt (and quite pretty – just too green for my taste) then please just get in touch and I will give it away!

Have you tried anything new lately? Let me know about it if you have…

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