What is Green Hosting?

I look at websites every day, I use Bloglovin to see what new, great, paleo, gluten free or keto recipes are out there so that I can share them on my facebook page or Pinterest. I use Instagram most days, posting my own photos or enjoying the pics of my insta-buddies and use Twitter most days too.

I also love to read the interesting things that people write about technology, travel, the environment, lifestyle, global human stories and experiences. I’m not at all interested in celebrities, gossip or negative scaremongering, thankfully I can chose what to read, there are so many different apps, websites and blogs that it’s easy to choose my reading material.

Despite the differences between websites and their content there is one thing which every website has in common, can you guess what that is? Continue reading “What is Green Hosting?”

Easter 2016

The year is slowly moving through the seasons, it’s nearly Easter and time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising 1916. What are you planning on doing? I’m sure there will be events all around the country allowing everyone to get involved no matter where we live.

We’ve had some wonderful weather Continue reading “Easter 2016”

Blog Tag – The A – Z of me

I was not expecting to be writing an A-Z today, or any day for that matter however my friend Jane over at That Curious Love of Green has tagged me to take in an A-Z of Me series which is doing the rounds of the blogging world at the moment.

I will rise to the challenge although last evening my head was full of “what if?” Continue reading “Blog Tag – The A – Z of me”

Geeky Wednesday

I have decided to take some of the great advice in Rachel Meeks new e-book, Simple Blogging: Less computer time, better blogging.  One of the ideas that appealed to me is to set a schedule for blogging.

This idea has benefits for me and for people who like to read the blog. It gives me some structure to work within and I have to admit that I could benefit from a wee bit of structure. It also means that people who read the blog on a regular basis will know when to expect something new and wonderful to read about 🙂

I will of course blog about the usual subjects that take my fancy, without any particular schedule whatsoever. I am not becoming completely organised, that would be far too much for me and my family to expect, I am just making a wee change.

So I had a few thoughts about things to blog about aside from the usual stories about the progress in our house building and came up with the idea of writing a few geeky pieces on a regular basis hence the wonderful name – Geeky Wednesday.

1951: Whirlwind Computer - The First to Display Real Time Video

I do have already a few geeky things to write about so I should be alright for subject material for a wee while however if you have any geeky questions that you think I may be able to help with then I would love to hear from you.

I expect to write on such subjects as wordpress plugins, open source software, keeping older laptops up to speed and lots more.

I do have some great geeky advisors so if I don’t have an answer for you then I would certainly try my very best to find one and would relish the learning that I would have to do……

So please check back in next week for the first installment of Geeky Wednesday and from then on – the First Wednesday of the Month…..