Before I started to blog myself I was reading a few blogs and I still am reading most of them on a regular basis. One of these blogs is “Small Notebook, for a simpler home.” I have always enjoyed the warm way in which Rachel Meeks shares her life experiences, stories and struggles as she… Read More

I was grazing the web as I am wont to do and found the blog for the Centre of Alternative Energy over the water in Wales. It was here that I learnt that World Poetry Day had completely passed me by without notice – apparently it is on March 21st and has been for some… Read More

I am really excited about having moved my blog to a new server courtesy of a local business – my own company, in fact – Osprey Hosting. My blog posts have always been written using renewable energy ┬ábecause that’s the energy I have – we use a home made wind turbine and a photovoltaic array… Read More

I am thinking about changing my blog template. Actually I have been contemplating this for awhile and kept putting it off for the simple reason that I really like this template. I like the photo in the heading, the page-style layout and the overall colour and texture. The final decision was made last night as… Read More