Today I read a blog that is on my goggle reader list, written by a woman, Sharman Apt Russell, who writes beautifully about feeling connection with place.  Her blog is here. This particular entry is called “Love of Home” and it was the last paragraph that gave me pause for thought – It buoys me… Read More

I had the most amazing bath this evening, in fact I had the first ever bath in our place! A friend came to visit to help us build our house and the house building did happen, it’s just that the work we were doing was slow and really only needed two people for most of… Read More

This post was prompted by Suzan over at Scrub Oak, who posted about some books she is reading at the moment. I thought I would post about the book I am currently reading. The book is called Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs, by Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne. I think it would be a… Read More

Yeah, we had more of the white stuff today! I had a lovely morning, I reckoned that the rain would come at some time today so I was enjoying the snow while I could. I did all the morning jobs listening to that lovely crunch underfoot as I filled water buckets to feed the big… Read More