Today I read a blog that is on my goggle reader list, written by a woman, Sharman Apt Russell, who writes beautifully about feeling connection with place.  Her blog is here. This particular entry is called “Love of Home” and it was the last paragraph that gave me pause for thought – It buoys me… Read More

I have been wandering here and there for awhile this summer, it’s fun to be footloose and fancy free – so to speak. The weather has not been the best, however, this is Ireland and we have grown up with these weather patterns and have learnt from our mothers knee to just go out there… Read More

We had good weather to work on our house building project today after I got back from getting some building supplies. The first floor joists were put in this afternoon and it is really satisfying to see them sitting on the beams that span the “stilt” style foundations. We have a very sloping site and… Read More